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In My Kitchen – July 2015

Once again it is the beginning of the month and time for another IMK post. Where does all the time go?? Days in the summer drag on since the boys are with me ALL THE TIME, yet in general the summer is whizzing by quickly. Thanks to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this wonderful event.

It has been another busy month in our house. We continue to dine twice a week at swim meets and I am so out of ideas. It is an adventure getting the kids packed up to swim, let alone fixing and packing dinner for everyone! Luckily we only have two evening meets left, I’m counting down until our dinner schedule is back to normal. Better yet, when my sourdough schedule isn’t interrupted. Between the late afternoon practice twice a week and evening meets twice a week I am having to squeeze in my bread whenever I can.

So here is what else is happening in our kitchen this month. Tomatoes, lots of cherry tomatatoes. The cherry tomatoes are the first to come in and they are growing like crazy. I pick them every couple days. Sean and Ewan will eat a couple but otherwise it’s just me. As a result I make roasted sauce with them, I can only eat so many tomatoes (don’t want to repeat my tongue problems from last year eating too many tomatoes)! The orange cherry tomatoes were made into four jars of smoked paprika tomato jam. It’s quite tasty with a kick, thanks to red pepper flakes and cayene pepper. The full size varieties are also starting to ripen. The first BLT of the season was fantastic.

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