Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dinner By Camp Fire

We recently enjoyed some time in the mountains. It was wonderful to enjoy the fresh air, hike and during the week send the boys to art camp in the afternoon. Coming home to a heat wave of 100+ degrees was not so pleasant!

While we up in the mountains we enjoyed (well mostly enjoyed) a camping trip. This was a first for the boys and me. Sure, I went to Girl Scout camp when I was younger, but we slept in tents and had bathrooms.

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Summer Foods Bucket List

I recently discovered Eventbrite and decided to join their Summer Food Bucket List project. It was a bit serendipitious as I just discovered a food swapping group here in my area that does their event planning using Eventbrite. Try checking out Eventbrite event management tools or sell tickets on their site. It’s free and easy. I’ll be looking into that food swapping event this summer.

I have used Eventbrite before, both to host parties (Thanksgiving, birthdays, baby showers etc) and to RSVP for other parties I’ve been invited to and for school events. But what really caught my interest was when I found (and I really don’t remember how I came upon this) a food group here. Midlands Food Swappers is a group that hosts food swaps, kinds obvioius isn’t it. They have a monthly meeting where people can bring in their homemade and/or homegrown food items and swap. What a thought, why hadn’t I heard of this group before. I could take some of my tomatoes, we certainly have enough for an army, and trade them for fresh eggs. Or how about some of homemade jams for meat? The possibilities are endless. So this goes onto my summer food bucket list, try to attend one of these swaps.
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Strawberry Basil Lemon Cocktail

Strawberry Basil Lemon Cocktail

Today is Feeding My 3 Sons two year blogiversary. What better way to celebrate than with a refreshing warm weather drink, with a kick of course?!

Strawberry season is coming to an end in our neck of the woods and I choose to enjoy the bitter end with a drink. Of course I can still enjoy this cocktail with my stash of strawberries that we picked in the freezer! What better pairing than basil, remember I have lots of it in the garden. Mint crossed my mind too, but what the heck, basil it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have this drink again with mint or mint AND basil!

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In My Kitchen – June 2015

Another month has flown by and it’s time for an In My Kitchen post. Thanks to Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this awesome monthly event.

In My kitchen this month we had strawberries. LOTS!  We picked four gallons the first weekend in May and besides shoving them in our mouths I made strawberry vanilla jam and strawberry sauce. Not pictured is another strawberry jam sweetened with honey and flavored with thyme.

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