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Candy Cane Scones

Candy Cane Scones

I am finally feeling human again and able to eat some food so it was time for a holiday bake. Jack and Ewan have their holiday program tonight so why not let them have a special holiday treat as an after school snack.

One of my favorite holiday flavor combinations is chocolate and peppermint. There is just something about it the screams Christmas to me. Growing up what kid didn’t love candy canes?!

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Petits Pain Au Lait

Petits Pain Au Lait

For some time I’ve enjoyed following Liz over at My Favourite Pastime.  I have made many delicious recipes from her site.  Recently she had these scrumptious looking rolls I simply had to make.  Was it the French name or how good they looked?  I’m not sure, but I’m so glad I made them!

The boys were thrilled I made them as well.  They do so love homemade breads and this was a definite winner.  What isn’t to like, a light and fluffy roll with a sprinkle of sugar in top?!

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In My Kitchen – December 2015

Another month flies by and it’s time for an In My Kitchen installment.  Thanks again to the lovely Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this wonderful monthly event.

I suppose I’ll begin with food and beverage items in my kitchen.  First off is this pearl sugar.  I looked around town and couldn’t find any so finally decided to order some.  I got two packages, after all when ordering why not stock up?!  I’ve used it already and you’ll be seeing it  in use here on the blog in a couple days if all goes well.

Pearl Sugar

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