Feeding The Troops While On Vacation

Our family was recently spread out for over a week. For a few days we even had all three boys in three different states! Feeding the troops while on vacation can definitely be a challenge.

I had Jack and Sean in Brevard, NC for a couple days. My parents have a house there and we love to go stay there. It gives us a chance to escape the brutal heat and humidity in South Carolina. Plus they have so many fantastic local restaurants, markets and bakeries.

After the mountains we drove up to Lexington, KY to meet up with Ewan, my husband and his family. We went to a fabulous restaurant there as well, plus my husband grilled Coho salmon. The boys LOVE salmon, almost any seafood really!

We drove home by way of Brevard again. After a short hike and visit to a waterfall we had lunch in Hendersonville, NC. And of course yummy treats afterwards.

Traveling with my three sons means packing plenty of food. There is always someone asking for a snack in the car! I fill my favorite cooler bag with apples, grapes, carrot sticks and water. We have granola bars and other snacks. This helps cut down on stops and excessive spending. Plus it is definitely healthier.

Here are links to some of the places we went:
Square Root in Brevard, NC. Excellent food.
Bracken Mountain Bakery also in Brevard. We live in a bakery wasteland so I love to go here whenever we are in town. This time we had the pesto Parmesan baguette, peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and a banana chocolate chunk scone.
Dolly’s Dairy Bar in Pisgah Forest, NC. The best ice cream ever!
Cypress Cellar in Hendersonville, NC. Great Cajun food. The boys loved their popcorn shrimp and my husband had a sampler platter that was wonderful.
Jongo Java also in Hendersonville. Heavenly mixed berry scone bars and apple tarts.
Sahara in Lexington, KY. Superb Mediterranean food. The best falafel I have ever had!

Square Root in Brevard, NC

My usually adventurous Jack chose peanut butter and jelly with apple slices at Square Root.

Sean had a cheeseburger and apple slices at Square Root.

I had the caprese burger special and sweet potato chips at Square Root. The pesto and balsamic glaze were soooooo good!

Sean eating his rainbow sherbet at Dolly’s.

Jack working on his sherbert. (I had a great coffee ice cream with brownie chunks and fudge swirls)

Picnic lunch at the Kentucky welcome center!

4 thoughts on “Feeding The Troops While On Vacation

  1. Liz

    I would order the sweet potato fries too, I love sweet potato. I like the way they serve some fresh apple slices and the rainbow sherbet looks tasty and delightful for children. I am exploring your blog. Have a good day!


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