Cookie Decorating

This isn’t a fun recipe post but rather some entertaining pictures of Sean decorating cookies. Tonight we had a pizza dinner at Ewan’s preschool. Afterwards the kids all got holiday tattoos, made a craft, played (that would be run wild for my kids) and decorated cookies.

I was the volunteer for the cookie activity and I must say it was quite entertaining. Each child got a bag with three sugar cookies and a small shot sized cup of frosting with a Popsicle stick to spread it. There were multiple bottle of sprinkles on all the tables. Needless to say I saw many cookies with LOTS of sprinkles. Many kids ate the extra frosting right off the sticks. Finally at the end I saw one girl pour sprinkles in the frosting and eat it! Frankly I expected one of my boys to try that!

Enjoy a few pictures of Sean….




Here are all the boys with Santa, plus Bethel the bear (Jack was super kid this week at school and has the class stuffed bear).


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