RumChata Tea

RumChata Tea
I had every intention of posting some delicious recipes this week, especially some vegetables given our chocolate indulgences last week. Then this bloody cold weather came. Priorities shifted and now keeping warm is more important!

This beverage is so simple it really doesn’t require a recipe, but I thought I would share it with ya’ll anyway. I have been a tea drinker my entire life, raised by a mother who served us tea with cream and sugar. Feel sick, hot tea and cinnamon toast it is. The winter means even more hot tea.

As an adult there are a few more options for warming up with hot tea, namely alcohol! After my recent RumChata discovery (remember the banana cream pie cocktail) I decided to experiment some more.

Since I knew I enjoyed hot toddies as well as hot tea I decided to go with it. Hot tea and rum is certainly delicious and keeps a body nice and warm. With RumChata this version is closer to my standard tea with cream and sugar but with the kick of rum.

Don’t limit yourself to just black tea, this drink also works with vanilla tea, vanilla chai, cinnamon tea….endless possibilities. Stay warm one and all, we are bracing for single digit wind chills tomorrow which for us wimpy Southern folks is rare!

RumChata Tea
RumChata Tea
1 brewed cup of tea
1-2 oz. RumChata

Add the RumChata to a mug of hot tea and enjoy!

Yields: 1 serving


10 thoughts on “RumChata Tea

  1. Liz

    You have my sympathy with the weather–crazy to be so cold where you are. But glad you have your tea 🙂 Thinking this is a good match for my oatmeal muffins 😉


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