Dinner By Camp Fire

We recently enjoyed some time in the mountains. It was wonderful to enjoy the fresh air, hike and during the week send the boys to art camp in the afternoon. Coming home to a heat wave of 100+ degrees was not so pleasant!

While we up in the mountains we enjoyed (well mostly enjoyed) a camping trip. This was a first for the boys and me. Sure, I went to Girl Scout camp when I was younger, but we slept in tents and had bathrooms.


This time we are talking about hiking a mountain, carrying EVERYTHING, pitching a tent and sleeping in it. That brings me to the topic of this post. Do you know what it takes to feed my three sons on a hike/camping trip??!

Like I said before, the biggest challenge is that we had to carry everything. Remember, the boys are only 7, 6 and 4 years old. They didn’t carry too much! Sean lasted less than five minutes with his backpack!

This excursion required three bottles of water per person, so 15 total. Water is heavy! Don’t forget snacks, that would be trail mix, beef jerky and lots of power bars. Dinner too, beans loaded with ground beef. And for a special treat popcorn and brownies.

In addition to the food we had wipes and sanitizer for cleaning up, camp dishes and pots, flash lights, fire starters, a phone (for pictures, no reception up there!), a tent, long sleeve shirts as it would cold at night, salt and oil for the popcorn, the tent, two mats for Josh and me to sleep on, a duvet cover, three sleeping bags and of course toilet paper! More I’m sure but it is all a blur now!

Oh right, how could I forget a way to warm up the food? Josh borrowed some neat aluminum can stoves from somebody at work. All we needed to add was alcohol for the fire. It was tempting to have a sip at the end of the night, but frankly Everclear wasn’t what I wanted.

I’ll skip straight to dinner, who really wants to read about the hiking, kids whining, hot sun….. We pitched the tent and it was time to start the fire. By fire I mean the little stoves, no actual camp fires allowed here.

It took a couple times with the starter and sparks ignited the alcohol. The stove was pretty neat, we will make some of them I’m sure. Well, Josh will make some! The beans heated up well and the boys chowed down.


Once the sun started going down it was time for a popcorn snack. The first batch burned a bit. The alcohol stove gets very hot very fast! Batch number two turned out better.



If the boys want to eat or drink more they will need to start carrying more though! Growing appetites are going to require some carrying strength! Have you ever gone camping with kids, how did you feed them? Josh wanted to take the freeze dried meals or dehydrated meals but I refused. Next time I will have to come up with something else. It isn’t easy though, it must be packable and heat up well in small batches. Plus finished, any leftovers must go in the bear safe (don’t want the bears getting you and your food in the middle of the night)!

9 thoughts on “Dinner By Camp Fire

  1. fergie51

    How exciting! I love camping and can’t quite work out how I used to manage bush camping for weeks at a time with 3 kids (1 a bed wetter) no power or readily available water but at least we could have a fire. Really hard work but a great way to develop relationships with your kids. Bear safes? Don’t like the sound of that! We have to guard against goannas, wombats possums and kangaroos.

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      Great for you for camping with three kids. We only did it the one night and it took me a while to recover. I’m sure it will get easier as they get older and can carry more. Sounds like you had many more animals to watch out for! Several of the trails near where we went were closed due to bear sightings. Luckily we didn’t see any, just lots of bugs. My dad did see a bear in his neighborhood a few days later though.

  2. emmabarrett1508

    Love the main photo of the boys all going off to camp together. I was in the scouts when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. My group was sea scouts and in the UK girls are allowed to join the scout movement. Emma xx

  3. Liz

    Lovely photo of Dad and sons. I love all the things you do. You always make me look at life from a different point of view. Thats the way to go gal…ave missed your blog. My warm wishes to your family. Have a lovely weakened.

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      Hopefully you are enjoying your weekend as well. We picked blueberries this morning an I made some jam as well as blueberry simple syrup for cocktails. The camping was quite an adventure. It was definitely different being the only girl, bathroom trips weren’t as quick for me! Right now I can’t wait for the summer swim season to end, it has my schedule all messed up and I got roped into being the parent rep which has required more work than I expected. So glad you’re back, I missed you!

      1. Liz

        I missed you too and all the great things you do. I do admire your strength and determination. You always make me feel more inspired about life. I have never made Jam. I keep on saying I’ll do it but somehow, it’s one of those things I’ve postponed for an eternity. My son starts basketball next week, for at least 4-6 weeks. It’s a never ending journey, but am glad I have friend like you. I wish you all the best with being a parent rep. Take good care of yourself and the family of course. Best wishes!

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