Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

Here in the South it may be spring by the calendar year, but based on weather some may call it summer.  We’ve already had a few days that hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32C).  That means it’s time for frozen treats.

We have a couple sets of ice pop molds and the boys are always begging to use them.  Now is the time of year when I say “yes” more often!  There are so many different things you can put in your ice pops.  Anything from pudding creations, fruit and yogurt, puréed fruit and juice, alcohol for the grown ups…

This time around I  did one of the easiest possible combinations.  It requires only two ingredients.  Does it get any easier?  I think not!

Sean is a chocoholic and I myself find it hard to resist dark chocolate so a dark chocolate coconut ice pop was the perfect thing for us.  Plus if you remember, all you need is two ingredients.

In my kitchen coconut milk and dark chocolate are pantry staples.  So should there ever be an emergency for ice pops I’m ready!  You can use either full fat or light coconut milk, it just depends on your indulgence level.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

This is so simple my boys could even make it themselves.  Okay, they may spill over a little filling the molds but with a little supervision it’s extremely kid friendly.  The joy in their faces when they eat something they made is incredible.

These were quite a hit with the boys, except for Jack who isn’t a dark chocolate fan.  He thought they tasted like coffee, which frankly would have made Sean happy since coffee is right after chocolate for his favorite flavor!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

1 can (13-14 oz.) coconut milk
5 oz. dark chocolate, melted and slightly cooled

Whip up the coconut milk and melted chocolate in a blender until frothy and well combined. Fill ice pop molds, cover and freeze.

** If you don’t have ice pop molds just use paper cups with a stick or recycle old yogurt containers. Or for small servings use an ice cube trays. The possibilities are endless.

Yields: 6-8 servings, depending on size of the molds

13 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

  1. anotherfoodieblogger

    Oh my goodness, these sound soooo good! Chocolate and coconut taste so wonderful together! It has frosted the past two nights and down to 35 tonight. Still waiting for those warmer temps but they are on the way!! (Just wait, I’ll be complaining in a month how hot it is, lol!)

  2. Liz

    These are gorgeous, Gretchen. And couldn’t be simpler! Thanks for sharing. Pretty green Popsicle sticks, too 🙂

  3. Karen

    It hasn’t hit 90 here in Vero Beach yet but it won’t be long before it does, I’m sure. Your pops are a great way to cool down.

    1. Gretchen Post author

      Wow, we actually hit 90 degrees before you. Yes, these ice pops are a great way to cool off on a hot day, especially for three piggy boys!

  4. Liz

    What an easy peasy recipe but the end product looks so professional. I shall ask my daughter to make some. I never thought I could mix coconut milk with chocolate. Both are ingredients I really love so I’m sure I would love the pops!


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