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In My Kitchen – February 2016

Is the first month of the year really over already? In some ways it flew by and in others it dragged a little. I suppose that means it’s time for another In My Kitchen post. ¬†Thanks again to Maureen for hosting this wonderful monthly get together. ¬†As always it has been rather busy in our kitchen. This time around I’m not starting off with new kitchen items or food, but with my two budding sous chefs.

All three boys have always been by my side in the kitchen. They help, they eat while I try to cook….they are a constant in my kitchen. To help them along with their cooking skills I decided to let each of them have their own brunch. They would get to plan it and help cook.

Jack was first. For his meal he picked cauliflower crusted quiche (bacon, cheddar and broccoli) and a fruit crisp with crushed snickerdoodles on top (thanks Celia for the idea). Let’s just say it was pretty popular and Jack did well helping prepare the meal. He also enjoyed bossing his brothers around since he was the head child chef! The lesson on opening a bottle of bubbly was also a hit, especially when the cork hit the light fixture.


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