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Sun-Dried Tomato Marinated Turkey Breast

Sun-Dried Tomato Marinated Turkey Breast
Over the weekend I was at Trader Joe’s and was FINALLY able to find a turkey breast. I have been looking for some time and never seem to be there when a turkey breast is in stock, only the tenderloins. With a family a five a turkey breast is a wonderful thing. We can have it for dinner or slice it up and use it as lunch meat.

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Coconut Curry Lamb Meatballs Over Rice

My husband and I really enjoy Indian food. Whenever we go out of town we look for Indian restaurants because there aren’t many where we live. That means we cook Indian at home, certainly not a bad thing since that means we can customize recipes to our taste. They may not be authentic, but we certainly like them! Josh is even our Naan baker so we try to have a supply in the freezer for curry nights.

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