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In My Kitchen – March 2016

Spring is nearly here, can you feel it?  We survived February and I’m quite looking forward to a new month.  I wasn’t feeling up to full strength much of the month due to a cold that wouldn’t go away. Add in digestive issues and it just wasn’t a fun food month.  It was survival mode for a while, keep the boys fed and don’t fall asleep during the day! I’m finally feeling close to 100% and looking forward to another In My Kitchen roundup with our lovely hostess Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef.

In my kitchen, before I got sick Valentine’s weekend, I managed to whip up some gingerbread love shacks.  We didn’t get around to making gingerbread houses for Christmas so I figured some love shacks for Valentine’s Day would be perfect.  They were great, just the right size.  It’s a new cookie cutter, nice and small. Each house is pretty much a single serving, the boys were thrilled with these.

Love Shacks

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