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In My Kitchen – May 2016

It’s May and spring is in full force here in South Carolina.  I originally had several things I was going to put in this In My Kitchen post, including things I’ve forgotten in recent months.  But then the weather got gorgeous and all I can think about is how much I am loving spring!

Thanks to the lovely Maureen over at Orgasmic Chef for this monthly roundup.   It’s always fun to peak into bloggers’ kitchens and see what is happening around this world.  I may be excited about spring here, but people in the southern hemisphere is welcoming autumn after a long summer.

So back to my excitement about spring.  Two foods shout “spring” to me, asparagus and strawberries.  Since our garden asparagus didn’t do too terribly well  (or it shot up before we noticed) I’ll stick with a strawberry theme for now.  This past weekend the boys and I went strawberry picking at Cottle Strawberry Farm.  I’ve been taking the boys there since they were babies in a carrier.  It’s a family outing I look forward to every spring.


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In My Kitchen – March 2015

It seems another month has passed. While our kitchen has been pretty quiet lately due to my recent surgery (curious and need a laugh, check this out), we have still had a busy month. Thanks as always go to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting such a fun round up of posts.

This month in my kitchen the boys have been showing more curiosity and desire to learn. It began early in the month the boys waking up early and getting ready to prepare breakfast in bed for Mommy and Daddy. They made this adorable list (they are rather obsessed with notebooks right now)!
Breakfast in Bed
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