Lettuce Wraps

The other night we had lettuce wraps, always a favorite in this family! I picked a small head of Napa cabbage from the garden but it wasn’t big enough to make a salad or really much else. Therefore it would be lettuce, or in this case cabbage, wraps for dinner!


It doesn’t get much easier. We used lean ground beef and onions, chicken works well too. Carrots from the garden, chopped peanuts, chow mein noodles and two sweet and spicy sauces. Use your favorites…..tofu, beef, chicken, bean sprouts, broccoli, green onions…fill a lettuce or cabbage leaf, top with any sauce and enjoy!

This particular night Josh was home late so it was just me and the boys at dinner. It was a little tricky since I had to help all the boys get their wraps ready, no time to eat for me! They are hard to keep up with. But with two adults this is a kid friendly meal! Sean was extra messy, he would empty his wrap, eat the cabbage plain and then eat the filling with his fingers!!




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