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Pears Galore

How I spent my weekend…..preserving pears! We have two pear trees which produce a HUGE amount of fruit. This weekend I could not delay it any longer, it was finally time to do something with all the pears.

About two weeks ago Josh picked a wheelbarrow full of pears. We are still mastering the art of these pears. When you pick them they are still very firm, as in nearly rock hard. The boys love to eat them this way. On the weekends when they play outside all day they can easily eat five a day, EACH! That means 15 pears a day!

Yet somehow I still had so many left to preserve. I did some research and discovered that you are supposed to put them at about freezing for one day and then let ripen at room temp for 5-7 days. We tried the freezer, too cold. So the fridge it was. After a day of chilling I put them in a laundry basket and let them ripen in the bonus room, locked so the boys would stay away! I did this in three batches since obviously they wouldn’t all fit in the fridge at once.

The mad house began yesterday morning. I sterilized jars and lids. I peeled and sliced pears. First I made a batch of pear sauce. The boys could eat this forever. They like it plain, in yogurt or better yet warmed and over vanilla ice cream. Anyway, it was a bit disappointing to get only 3 quarts for all my effort and a burn on my wrist!

The next batch would have to wait. I still hadn’t had a shower, I needed to fix lunch and the boys would need a bath. They played outside all morning which means they were covered in dirt. I had a birthday party to take them to right after lunch!

After the party it was back to work. I made another batch of pear sauce and got another 3 plus quarts. I also sterilized more jars and lids for the next day. Jack enjoyed his pear sauce for his dessert, he had several servings.

This morning it was another busy day. This time I preserved sliced pears. At least I got more for my work, but still, it seems like so much work for not enough results. I will never understand people who enjoy preserving! I only do it because I must. Small batch jams and such are another story, I don’t mind that. This weekend’s work resulted in 10 quarts of sliced pears and 6 quarts of pear sauce.

The day is done and I still have another basket of pears. I plan to bake with some, but that still leaves quite a few….plus there are still some on the trees…..

Farmer’s Market Fun

Our local farmer’s market is a family favorite. We love to go there Saturday mornings and enjoy breakfast and shop for anything exciting.

We hadn’t been there in quite a while. Weekends get busy, the summer is hot, weekend yard and garden work… Excuses aside, we finally went again yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect. We were even able to wear jeans and long sleeves. Continue reading

Family Birthday Celebration

Sunday our “baby”, ok more like youngest, turned three years old. Happy birthday to our autumnal equinox boy!!

Sean had a fabulous day. He picked Krispy Kreme for breakfast. All the boys enjoyed a donut there. Then we went across the street to Dunkin Donuts so Daddy could have a breakfast sandwich. The boys had another donut. Really living it up on this birthday!!!

Then we all headed to the zoo. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Sean enjoyed being king for the day. He got to lead the way and we all had to follow him. He enjoyed the power! Special time for the youngest who usually has no say. We saw all the animals, rode the train, tram and carousel and played in the botanical gardens.

We had lunch at home. Watched Formula One. Squeezed in a nap for Sean and Ewan. Played outside.

Sean picked out dinner. We had grilled sweet potatoes and squash and coconut mango mahi mahi he picked out at Whole Foods. Leftover cupcakes from the party for dessert. We even ate outside in the beautiful weather. Someday we will have an outdoor dining area, until then we managed!

Here are also pictures from his party on our family blog, Dalrymple Clan Adventures.







First School Lunch

Jack started Kindergarten Wednesday. After being a little scared he recovered well. He enjoyed his first day, especially since they made gingerbread men cookies! Here is his first school lunch: peanut butter and honey on homemade wheat oatmeal bread, carrot sticks, pineapple, grapes and homemade vanilla pudding.



He came home and hardly ate any of it. Just the pudding, of course, and a couple bites of his sandwich. By day two he was better adjusted and ate his whole lunch.