Farmer’s Market Fun

Our local farmer’s market is a family favorite. We love to go there Saturday mornings and enjoy breakfast and shop for anything exciting.

We hadn’t been there in quite a while. Weekends get busy, the summer is hot, weekend yard and garden work… Excuses aside, we finally went again yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect. We were even able to wear jeans and long sleeves.

The boys chose to start with a Nutella crepe, always a favorite. They pretty much inhaled that while Josh got us a kebab from a new vendor, Istanbul Grill, to share. It was superb, except for the peppers I picked out and gave to Josh. I can’t tolerate bell peppers!

Then I had to get the boys their biscuits and gravy from Rosso Trattoria. This is their all time favorite. It is two biscuits covered in sausage gravy. Josh cut it up for them and then they literally shoved it in their faces. I managed to get a couple pictures before it was gone.




Josh and I then shared a BBQ sandwich with cheddar cheese, sauce and jalapeños from BB’s BBQ, a really neat converted bus. It too was wonderful. A nice spicy start to the day.


The boys then had some fresh kettle corn and played around. We got some fresh pasta and a baguette to take home. Rio Bertolini has the best pastas around. They make the pasta fresh in Charleston and sell it frozen at our farmer’s market. We got three different kinds of ravioli.


Visit your local farmer’s market. It is such a wonderful source for local food products. Our boys certainly love it and so do we!


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