Garden Preparations

I have lost track of time, not sure how many weeks old my baby seedlings are! They are coming along beautifully. I can just taste the tomato cucumber salads. The homemade pesto on pasta and pizza. Mint in my mojitos or on fruit salad. Zucchini bread, grilled zucchini. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! Salsa, hot peppers on pizza… Boy oh boy is my mouth watering. All I have to say is this better be a good year for the garden, I have such big plans!

This has been such a crazy winter. We have had snow here, in South Carolina! It is warm, then cold, then warm, then cold again! Last year we planted the garden St. Patrick’s Day. This year we are still waiting. We are still expecting lows in the 30s next week so we wait. The lettuces are already planted, but they tolerate the cold better.

This year we put some covering over all the rows. We grow weeds incredibly well and I just couldn’t keep up with them, it is a HUGE garden. Someday the boys will be able to help weed, until then I hope this works!

The far right here with the hoses running through is where all the lettuces and carrots go. The asparagus in the very last row next to the garage.

This flat is mostly tomato plants, the smaller ones in front are peppers.

Hello my dear sweet tomatoes, I can’t wait to eat you up!

Last week I started more seedlings of everything. We are hoping to pace the harvest out a little.

My darling basil, I can taste the pesto already!

6 thoughts on “Garden Preparations

  1. ChgoJohn

    You’ve really got a great garden!!! And yes, a lot of work to go with it. Good to see your seedlings doing so well, you’ll be planing them soon .. well, once there’s no chance of a stray vortex coming our way. I’ve still got snow and ice to contend with so working on the flower beds is out of the questions. That which isn’t frozen is mud. Still. if you’re starting, we will, too, one day soon.

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      It is indeed a lot of work and not always pleasant in the hot and humid summer of the South! Ah, it is worth it though. To be able to pick lettuce from right out mopey door, endless fresh tomatoes…. I also truly believe it is the best way to get children to understand a healthy diet and enjoy eating a wide variety of foods. While the boys may not be the best a weeding, they certainly are good at eating lettuce and blackberries right in the garden!

  2. Liz

    We still have huge mounds of snow outside our doors. All my plants are buried underneath. I’m glad to see your seedlings doing so well. Oh how I wish I had a garden too. I love basil and mint and everything you mention here. I made a tomato and cucumber salad yesterday. We really enjoyed eating. I wish you all the best with the garden. Timing for transplanting can be so challenging especially when the weather is fluctuating so much. I hope temperatures will stabilize soon. Have a wonderful day!

      1. Liz

        Ha ha I wish there was a virtual conduit for dropping and receiving things across the world. That would be so awesome. We have a lovely shiny day with temperatures of 15F. The sun really does make a big difference. Have a pleasant Sunday!

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