The Boys Decorate My Birthday Cakes

Watch out world, the Dalrymple boys are now cake decorators!  Ok, no need for professionals to worry about being replaced anytime soon!!  Not only was last Sunday Easter, but it was also my birthday.  Josh and I were out of town for our tenth anniversary and the boys stayed with my parents.  While there, they helped decorate cakes for my birthday.

We debated for a while, first about what cake I wanted.  I finally opted for the classic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  You just can’t go wrong with that.  At first we thought about jumbo cupcakes so the boys could decorate a few each.  They were determined to decorate my cakes.  Things didn’t work out as planned, frankly it turned out better.

My mom made four oval shaped cakes which looked like eggs, perfect for Easter, and one small round cake.  Wow, I like a birthday when I get five cakes!!  And yes, I did have a little of each, even if they were all the same flavor.  The boys were all excited about their decorating and insisted I try them all!!

Let’s start from the youngest and work our way up to the oldest…

Sean Cake Decorating Collage
Notice how he starts, all focused. Then he gets distracted and samples the jelly beans, putting them on the cake after he licked them! Nothing like quality control. In the last shot of the cake you may notice there are some smears and missing jelly beans, think somebody got into it??

Ewan Cake Decorating Collage

Now we have Ewan. He was more focused than Sean. He had an artistic vision and did his best. As you may notice he got carried away with the colored sugar! He started pouring before my dad could help him gently sprinkle it on top! Needless to say we later turned the cake on the side and shook plenty of sugar off!!

Jack Cake Decorating Collage

Then there is Jack. He also had quite an artistic vision. He was methodical, starting from the outside and working his way inward. He carefully lined up jelly beans and sugar hearts. Things got a little messy in the middle with the colored sugar, same situation as Ewan. All in all, my three boys did great!

Here is one my mom did. A classic egg with green grass and filled with jelly beans. Notice how there are quite a few jelly beans missing in the second shot, let’s just say the boys may have nibbled a few before it was served!!

Egg Cake Collage

And finally the cake with my birthday message. The lonely round cake!

Birthday Cake

So there it is, five cakes for my birthday on Easter Sunday. The boys had a blast decorating. I get the feeling they may expect to decorate their own cake for everyone’s birthday now! Hmm, multiple cakes for all birthdays…not such a bad idea I guess. Just more baking and cleaning, but so worth it! Thanks to my mom for the decorating photos, wish I could have witnessed it, but let’s face it, Josh and I really enjoyed the time away for our anniversary!!

9 thoughts on “The Boys Decorate My Birthday Cakes

  1. foodessen

    Wow, first of all Happy Belated Birthday! You must be one proud mom, what wonderful cakes. 🙂 And your mom did a nice job too, love the green grass.

  2. Liz

    how precious! Glad you’ve immortalized the cakes–you’ll never want to forget these. Maybe it’ll be a tradition and you can see how their skill develops? Though they all look perfect. Glad you’ve been able to celebrate so many wonderful things. 😀 Happy belated bday!

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      Thanks Liz! It was indeed a busy time of year for us. Now we don’t have any birthdays until September though. Somehow I think this may be a new tradition, I anticipate the boys asking to help decorate more! I just may have to start keeping 6 inch layers of cake in the freezer!

  3. ChgoJohn

    Well, this was certainly a win for everybody. It’s not often that everyone has such a good time for another’s birthday but, they all did — and you got a weekend away and 5 cakes. Good for you!


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