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Happy 40th

Yesterday was my husband’s 40th birthday. Lucky him, I wasn’t even cruel in the slightest way! And no, it wasn’t because I fear what he will do to me, I already turned 40!

We had a wonderful weekend. We had friends over Saturday night, went out for bagels the morning of his birthday, had tea and birthday cake in the afternoon with my parents, enjoyed cocktails on the porch (it was unusually cool for us) and had a wonderful crab cake dinner.

While I don’t have time to post a recipe with this, I simply had to include pictures of the cake. Josh requested red velvet with a cream cheese icing. Jack is the one who helped with the “decorating”. We originally talked about putting their skeleton Lego man on the top for a poke at how old Daddy is, but Jack changed his mind and put an alien toy on top instead. Sometimes I wonder what goes through his mind!




Crazy Busy

Today’s post will not be a recipe as things have been crazy busy here lately. I promise to post more goodies soon! Last weekend Jack and Ewan swam in the City Meet and I have been busy baking up a storm since then for the swim banquet which was last night.

The attendance for the banquet kept creeping up and reached 140 people. I feared there may not be enough cake but luckily there was. Leftovers to give away even!
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The Boys Decorate My Birthday Cakes

Watch out world, the Dalrymple boys are now cake decorators!  Ok, no need for professionals to worry about being replaced anytime soon!!  Not only was last Sunday Easter, but it was also my birthday.  Josh and I were out of town for our tenth anniversary and the boys stayed with my parents.  While there, they helped decorate cakes for my birthday.

We debated for a while, first about what cake I wanted.  I finally opted for the classic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  You just can’t go wrong with that.  At first we thought about jumbo cupcakes so the boys could decorate a few each.  They were determined to decorate my cakes.  Things didn’t work out as planned, frankly it turned out better.

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Merry Christmas

Once again time has gotten away from me. It is already Christmas Eve! Happy holidays to all of you! I hope you enjoy some time with the family and eat delicious food.

While I did not have time to post much for the holidays I thought I would share some of our holiday food traditions. Christmas Eve we have homemade pizza. I don’t recall how this started, but for as long as I can remember my family has always had pizza for Christmas Eve. There have only been one or two dough disasters with emergency pizza delivered! This is a fun tradition we continue with our boys. We will be headed to my parent’s house shortly to enjoy our pizza dinner with them.

Dessert is rather simple. Homemade Christmas cookies and homemade eggnog. The eggnog is a MUST. If you have never had homemade eggnog you must try it. There is just no comparison to what you buy in the store. The boys and I made a double batch yesterday and they are thrilled. They already told Daddy that he needs to try Mommy’s “special drink”!




As for the cookies, this year we have gingerbread men as well as some reindeer and stars that stand up. Traditional vanilla cutout cookies are a hit with the kids too. One of my favorites is jam thumbprints. I used hazelnuts and filled them with homemade white chocolate raspberry jam. I also made one of the classics my mom always made, candy cane cookies. I dipped them in dark chocolate. The shape didn’t turn out well, but they still taste great! To round it all out we have mint chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge (Josh’s must have).


Christmas morning is all about opening presents. Growing up I was the one waking the family early, even in college I would get them all up at 5am! We have a pot of hot tea while we open presents. Cinnamon toast is a classic in our family too, just enough to hold you over until brunch. This year we are having biscuits, country ham, scrambled eggs, fruit, an almond pastry and of course our mandatory mimosas, sparkling juice for the kids.

We don’t have a traditional Christmas dinner. Every year is something different. It took us some time, but last night we finally decided on a Raclette dinner. A Raclette is a European table grill/broiler contraption. We will grill shrimp, scallops, steak, squash and mushrooms on top. In the broiler trays we will broil the potatoes, broccoli and cheese to melt. It is a fun drawn out dinner similar to fondue which requires plenty of wine!

What are your holiday food must haves and traditions!


Happy 5th Birthday Ewan

Yesterday our middle son Ewan turned five. Time sure does fly! He was born on a Saturday, game day for Ohio State vs Michigan. The doctor scrambled to get a team together since Saturday c-sections are not normal….we got bumped from a Friday and I told him I really couldn’t wait any longer. Turns out Ewan was our “lightweight”, weighing under 10 pounds!

So anyway, life has been crazy this week. I have been busy with school activities and cooking and baking up a storm. Somehow none of it is making the blog. There just hasn’t been time to photograph anything. Despite all this madness we managed to party it up for Ewan’s birthday. We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes.


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