Mango Yogurt Popsicles

Although summer break has come to and end for us, the need for summer foods is nowhere near over.  Somehow the summer passed before I even got up a popsicle post!  How did that happen?!  The boys started school Wednesday and yet it is still incredibly hot, actually the hottest yet this summer.

What better way to cool off when they get home than to have a frozen yogurt popsicle.  Sean and I picked up Jack and Ewan at the bus stop Wednesday afternoon.  In usual first day fashion the bus was late, a little over half an hour.   The kicker was that the heat index was 101 degrees!  We were scorching hot, even waiting in the shade.

I decided we could all use a nice frozen treat the next day.  It was time for popsicles, but not just regular popsicles.  Something with a little more nutrition in them.  Enter fruit and yogurt.  It is such a glorious combination, both healthy and delicious.

In our family we all love mango so I chose that.  It is naturally very sweet so there is no need for any added sweetener.  It also purées easily.  I have been known to hide mangoes from the kids, they eat it so fast and I want some too!  I also paired it with mint.  I just love the combination of mango and mint.  It screams summer to me!

These are a breeze to make and so yummy to enjoy.  The basic ratio is equal parts mango purée to yogurt.  It will depend on how big your mangoes are and how big your popsicle molds are.  Don’t have molds?  Just use paper cups and wooden sticks.  I used two mangoes and came up with extra puree.  I still mixed it with an equal part yogurt and we all shared the leftover as a smoothie.  Enjoy the end of your summer!

Mango Yogurt Popsicles
1 c. mango purée
1 c. plain yogurt
1-2 Tbs. mint, chopped

Stir together all the ingredients and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze until solid.

Yields 6 servings


13 thoughts on “Mango Yogurt Popsicles

  1. Chef Amy at Remke Markets

    Love this Gretchen, I just bought a Vitamix, so happy have not use it yet…just got it yesterday but today I will be making things and I can’t wait to make my smoothies and hey I can freeze some of it to make my on pops 🙂 I had a nutria bullet but I want something with more power 🙂 LOL Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Liz

    Oh the popsicles look so lovely. The colour of the yoghurt-mango matches the orange and they’re so easy to make it’s unbelievable. We love mango too. I will try although I don’t have moulds but paper cups will do as well. Have a great weekend!

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      I have green tempted by the little treat maker as well. Space in the kitchen is limited and it didn’t make the cut. As it is I have a couple new toys I want for the kitchen and need to work on where to out them if I get them!


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