Candy Cane Scones

Candy Cane Scones

I am finally feeling human again and able to eat some food so it was time for a holiday bake. Jack and Ewan have their holiday program tonight so why not let them have a special holiday treat as an after school snack.

One of my favorite holiday flavor combinations is chocolate and peppermint. There is just something about it the screams Christmas to me. Growing up what kid didn’t love candy canes?!

My tastes have matured and I don’t eat many candy canes but I still like the flavor. All it takes is a little candy cane to get the flavor I’m looking for so I knew crushed candy canes was the way to go.

Candy Cane Scones

What goes better with peppermint than some dark chocolate? Not much else in my book. Life doesn’t get better than this! Have I mentioned I also like York peppermint patties!? There might be something to this chocolate and peppermint combination!

So what vehicle do I use to showcase my favorite holiday flavors? The scone of course.  I like scones because they aren’t too sweet. Take a simple scone and add some crushed candy canes, dip it in dark chocolate and sprinkle the tops with more peppermint. Simple yet scrumptious.

This is so much easier than making a batch of cookies. Sure you may only have a dozen scones compared to dozens of cookies, but sometimes that’s all it takes. This might be my new favorite holiday treat. Sean had fun sprinkling the mints on top and all the boys declared it a double thumbs up. Need I say more?!

Candy Cane Scones

Candy Cane Scones

1 recipe basic cream scones
6 regular sized candy canes, crushed
6 oz. dark chocolate, melted
1/4 c. candy cane Andes candies pieces or more crushed candy canes for sprinkling

Follow the basic cream scone recipe.  The only change is that you will add in the crushed candy canes after cutting in the butter, before adding the cream and eggs.  Brush the tops with cream and bake as directed.

Once the scones are cooled dip the tops in melted dark chocolate and sprinkle with Andes candies pieces or crushed candy canes.  You can eat immediately, just be prepared for a little melted chocolate on your face.  You could also let the chocolate set and eat later, but really, who can wait that long?!

Yields:  one dozen


16 thoughts on “Candy Cane Scones

  1. Liz

    Looks super delicious. Reminds me of the Christmas candy cane lights I have outside my door. I love scones and adore chocolate so this is definitely a good choice for me too. Have a lovely weekend!Q


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