In My Kitchen – April 2016

It’s April already and that means spring!  Bring on the fresh spring produce, asparagus, strawberries, lettuces…  I’m so excited.  Our garden is finally planted and as I write we are getting lots of rain.  I’m hoping to see some lettuce coming up soon.

A new month means it’s time for another In My Kitchen post. Thanks to the lovely Maureen at Orgasmic Chef for hosting this monthly roundup.  March was a busy month and yet I seem to have forgotten most of what happened in the kitchen!

In my kitchen I have some new purchases from an Etsy shop.  Let me just say Etsy is dangerous!  I justify it by saying I was spending my “play” money.  Every now and then I cash out my Ibotta account and spend the money on something I wouldn’t normally get.  This time it was a coconut shell salad serving spoon and fork.  I also got a set of 5 coconut shell dessert spoons.

Coconut Shell Salad Servers

Coconut Shell Spoons

I also have a new waffle iron.  This one makes the thicker Belgian style waffles.  I’ve used it a couple times and we’ve all enjoyed the results.  In a couple weeks it will be strawberry picking season here and that means waffles covered in berries and whipped cream.  I also have some recipe testing to do with Liège waffles.

Waffle Iron

I’ve been using spelt flour quite a bit lately.  It goes in everything from my sourdough breads to muffins, pancakes, waffles and cookies.  It is nearly impossible to find it locally, let alone in a decent sized bag so I finally ordered a 25 lb bag along with a matching bread flour bag.  What did we ever do before Amazon?!  I’ll bag these flours up in gallon bags and freeze it.


Finally I have a couple beers I got Josh.  We went up to my parent’s house for Easter.  My brother came in from Seattle Thursday and we got in later that night.  The boys had so much fun with their uncle, we hadn’t seen him in three and a half years!  We ate, drank and played hard.  Josh had to come back for work but I found a couple beers for him when we went to Wicked Weed Pub in Asheville.

All right, I confess Nick picked out the beer.  I’m not a beer drinker so let him do the picking.  He is a beer sales rep after all, he knows his stuff!  Seems we need to get a few more bottles of the one on the right.  The vehicle pictured strongly resembles Josh’s ’78 Subaru wagon, lovingly known as “The Stick of Butter”.  My mom is the master of removing labels so she going to try to get the label off the bottle for us.

Wicked Weed Beer

That about sums up what’s been happening in our kitchen this month.  April will be a fun one, Josh and the boys will make my birthday cake for their first time.  My mom has always done it in the last but now she doesn’t  live here anymore, time to get the men baking!  Pop on by Orgasmic Chef to see what is happening in kitchens across the world.

25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – April 2016

    1. Gretchen Post author

      The first loaf with revived sourdough starter and spelt is in the oven now. Spelt is fantastic, no more need for white whole wheat flour, spelt has a better flavor.

      1. Gretchen Post author

        The starter is all bread flour. The loaf was about half bread flour and half spelt. Turned out delicious! Now it’s time to play around again, adding seeds and all my other goodies!

      2. Elaine @ foodbod

        Lovely!!! Spelt flour definitely needs some sort of stability, I usually mix it with strong white flour too. The seeds will be fab with it 😀
        I now feed my starter rye flour, it LOVES it, really responds well every time I feed it ☺️

  1. ladyredspecs

    Great set of spoons. It’s not that easy to find spelt flour in bulk here either, but I stumbled on a store close by that has every grain you can imagine. That was a piece of luck. We love to try beers from small brewers too

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I’m excited about the spelt. Lots of baking to do now! Asheville is now the beer city of the East so plenty of drinking to do there! Also a great cidery with hard ciders.

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I just got them bagged and in the freezer this morning. I’m looking forward to them. Spelt is so difficult to find here. I’ve only seen it in a small bag at Whole Foods. Assuming you have storage space this is much more economical.

  2. theninjabaker

    Your mention of berries, Belgian waffles and whipped cream make me want to run to my waffle iron. (Great photo by the way!) I admire too how disciplined you are and alot Etsy play money. Your coconut servers and spoons look like great utensils for a family gathering…which is indeed a wonderful way to spend time =) P.s. I’ve got spelt in my freezer and you’ve inspired me to take the flour out. Does it add a different taste or texture?

  3. fergie51

    Love seeing bags of flour. I’ve never tried waffles, must do that, I believe sourdough ones are lovely. Have fun with the birthday cake making tutorial! 🙂

  4. Nancy |Plus Ate Six

    I swap out white flour for spelt all the time – but 100% spelt sourdough never worked for me. Sandra aka Lady Red Specs has had great results though so check out her recipes. Beautiful spoons – and yes, easy is very dangerous!

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I’ve been watching Sandra’s spelt breads. They look beautiful. Hubby got,me something from Etsy for my birthday, he knows me so well!

  5. shaheen

    Etsy can be very dangerous. I have been rather fortunte and able to window shop! The coconut crockery are just utterly gorgeous. I have a small bag made from a coconut shell that I hardly use these days,

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I love the spoons too. I try to stay away from Etsy as it can get me into trouble! Hubby managed to get me something great from there for my birthday though. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to liege waffles.


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