No Churn Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate

Coffee Ice Cream

For some reason we were all talking about coffee ice cream at the dinner table recently. I don’t recall if the conversation began talking about coffee or ice cream.  No matter the origin, it came about that the boys haven’t had coffee ice cream yet.

Coffee Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to make some no churn ice cream (I have an ice cream maker, it’s just nice not to have to drag it out).  So with warm weather here it was time to make coffee ice cream for the boys, and of course for the adults as well.  It’s Josh’s favorite flavor, besides plain vanilla.

Sean was my willing and able sous chef.  This is such an easy recipe, he almost  could have made it himself.  Whip the cream, slowly add condensed milk, coffee and salt.  Fold in the shaved chocolate.  Easy peasy as Sean says!

Many no churn ice cream recipes call for two cups of cream to one can of condensed milk. I went with three cups cream, it cuts down on the sweetness. Of course it also makes for a creamier indulgent ice cream!

As soon as the little guy noticed me add the coffe and saw chocolate, his immediate response was “coffee and chocolate makes mocha, my favorite flavor”!  Yeah, Sean is a big mocha fan.  Kinda like his mama, he likes mocha desserts but can’t stand to drink coffee.  Not that he needs the caffeine anyway.

Coffee Ice Cream

This is a rich and creamy dessert.  Now is not the time for  a big bowl of ice cream.  Use a small scoop and enjoy every luscious, creamy bite.  Or be wicked and eat a big bowl, whatever makes you happy!

Coffee Ice Cream

No Churn Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate

3 c. whipping cream
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1/2 c. brewed strong coffee, chilled
Dash of salt
1/2 c. shaved chocolate (or mini chips)

Whip the cream in a mixing bowl with the whisk attachment, until stiff peaks form. Turn to low and slowly add the condensed milk, coffee and salt. Fold in the chocolate by hand. Scoop into a container, cover and freeze for about 6 hours before serving. Garnish with extra shaved chocolate if desired, or drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Yields: Approx. 1 1/2 quarts



15 thoughts on “No Churn Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate

    1. Gretchen Post author

      Sean does love his coffee flavor, he may have moaned a little when he ate it! I’m the opposite of you, I prefer my coffee in a dessert, not straight up. Well, unless of course it is an Irish coffee or coffee with a lot of Irish cream liqueur!

  1. Laura @ Feast Wisely

    Great minds think alike Gretchen – I have a very similar post today but made with yoghurt and milk! Your looks amazing but you may want to test the tip on my recipe of using a zip lock bag…..

  2. ChgoJohn

    I’ve made no churn ice cream a few times. It’s always been while in Michigan because I forgot some piece of my ice cream maker. Say what you will about me, Gretchen, but I’m consistent. Yours sounds like a great recipe and, by the look on Sean’s face as he holds the beater, this was truly a labor of love.

    1. Gretchen Post author

      Sean certainly enjoy the result of his work! We all did. I have an ice cream machine but still love the no churn results. We will definitely be making more soon. We are headed to the 90 degree mark in less than a week.


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