Elderflower Limoncello Prosecco


It’s back to school time and that’s reason enough for celebration!  Parents across the country are dancing in the streets as their children go back to school.  I told our principal I would try not to dance as I left the school last week until I reached my car, though there was a spring in my step!

Back when the boys were younger, even before elementary school or preschool I used to host a back to school playdate for our play group.  It was a chance for moms of school/preschool aged children to get together and celebrate the kids being gone either all day or just for three short hours.

Even though I still had three young boys home with me when this tradition began, I knew how important it was to celebrate back to school and we did it in style.  With preschool dropoff at 9 in the morning we would start around 9:15 or 9:30 and celebrate with a breakfast feast.

Everyone would bring a dish to share and it was always incredibly delicious.  But what good is a feast, an early brunch really, without mimosas?!  Yes, we had mimosas to celebrate back to school.  This is a celebration after all!

Our playgroup dissolved years ago and my kids are now all in elementary school.  To celebrate all three boys being in the same school {all day, yippee} I decided it was cause to create a new celebratory drink.

You obviously don’t need to have children going back to school to enjoy this drink.  It’s great for  a weekend brunch  or celebrating surviving at day at the office.  If you do have children going back to school, congrats.  You survived the long summer, cheers!


Elderflower Limoncello Prosecco

1 oz. St. Germain
1 oz. limoncello
Raspberries, frozen on a skewer

Pour St. Germain and limoncello into the bottom of a coupe glass or champagne flute. Fill the rest of the glass with prosecco and garnish with raspberries, mint if desired.

* If you take fresh raspberries and skewer them and freeze it is a great way to keep this drink cold.

Yields: one drink


13 thoughts on “Elderflower Limoncello Prosecco

  1. ChgoJohn

    On one of the morning show’s earlier today, they showed a number of photos of Moms jumping for joy as their kids stood in a row, scowl-faced, behind them waiting for the school bus. Too funny! I’ve never tried elderberry but I do love prosecco and make my own limoncello. I’m sure to like this, no doubt about it, Gretchen. Maybe the next time I drop off Max at doggy daycare. 🙂

    1. Gretchen Post author

      Ah, back to school is something to celebrate indeed. I can finally go grocery shopping without three boys driving me insane, asking for junk food or fighting over who gets to push the cart or crashing into the back of my feet! I’m sure your homemade limoncello would be fantastic with prosecco. The St. Germain is definitely a nice flavor, we even started growing our own elderberries so we could have the flowers and berries to make our own liqueurs and syrups.

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