In My Kitchen – October 2017

First our summer was insanely busy and then fall arrived.  Between back to school, birthdays, swim, Cub Scouts and everything else time escapes me far too quickly.  I haven’t found my blogging groove and really need to work on that.  In the meantime, I’ll gladly post another In My Kitchen update.  This monthly roundup is hosted by the lovely Sherry over at Sherry’s Pickings.

The month of September we had two birthdays. Fortunately my cookbook club for the month was a baking book (Bake From Scratch)  and the cake challenge fell right between the two birthdays. I made this super delicious citrus cake to celebrate Josh and Sean’s birthays at my parents’ house.  I used a different cream cheese recipe since the one in the book was way to sweet for my taste.

Citrus Cake


For Sean’s actual birthday we had this little six inch red velvet cake.  The recipe is also from Bake From Scratch, substituting my own frosting recipe instead of using the cream cheese recipe.  Since I made it so small I also had five frosted cupcakes stashed in the freezer as well as two more unfrosted cake layers.

Red Velvet Cake


Sean received this handmade noodle bowl for his birthday.  My parents live near a fantastic pottery store and when I was with my mom she found this and thought it would be perfect for him.  Ever since stopping by Chinatown in Chicago the boys all love noodle bowls.

Noodle Bowl

Lucky for Sean this month’s cookbook club book has noodle bowl recipes in it.  Along with rice bowls and other Chinese dishes they love.   I’m hoping to start cooking from it this week, it’s been a slow start this month.

Myers and Chang at Home

I’m hoping for the weather to cool a little bit and be able to start cooking different meals again.  I’m over lighter summer dishes and looking forward to a change.  Bring on chili and meatloaf weather, soups, stews and more.



Sherry’s Pickings.

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17 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – October 2017

  1. sherry MacKay

    those cakes look so delicious and pretty. love the noodle bowl. your boys are very adventurous eaters aren’t they? must make it easier to cook than if they were fussy like some kids. Happy belated birthdays to your boys. We are heading into a hot summer (was 36C last week) so cooling meals are the go. They reckon we will have 13 cyclones this summer. EEk! thanks for joining in IMK and putting up my badge- twice:) Appreciate it. See you next month. Cheers Sherry x

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I tried taking one badge out and somehow took both out so put them both back in! Better two than none I guess. The cakes were delicious and next week is another birthday boy. Not sure what he wants yet. We had a busy hurricane season, good luck with your cyclone season.

  2. SeattleDee

    Like you, I am more than ready for Fall weather and its accompanying comfort food. Your cookbook club sounds a terrific way to explore new recipes and encourage the boys to try new things. What fun you have in your kitchen!

    1. Gretchen Post author

      The cookbook club has been fantastic. It’s made me go out of my comfort zone and try cooking new things. Today it’s homemade dumplings. Bring on the cool weather, it starts tomorrow here and hopefully it stays.

  3. Kim Bultman

    Gretchen, your citrus cake looks spectacular! (Pretty cake stand, too.) I especially loved the “blowing out the candle” photo. Looking back thru photo albums — if there are such things anymore, ha! — and seeing those puffed cheeks year by year is always highlight. Here’s to getting your groove back — you will!

    1. Gretchen Post author

      Thanks Kim! Another birthday next week, another cake. They do grow so quickly. The next birthday is our oldest, hitting double digits. I’m finally eating semi normal again and hope to get that blogging groove back soon enough.


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