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Almond Plum Crostata

Almond Plum Crostata

It’s Pi Day today and that’s an excuse for pie.  For those not in the know, Pi Day is March 14 or 3.14.  For those of us that studied math, it’s a common number.  Not that I use it much in everyday life, do you really want to know the area of a pie?!

Like I said, it’s an excuse for pie!  My mom is usually visiting my brother in Seattle this time of year since his birthday is the 16th.  She is the one who told me about Pi Day years ago during one of her visits.  It’s a bigger deal out there, especially since they have several pie food trucks and pie bakeries.  I live in a small city and am deprived of these wonderful things.

No fear though, you too can celebrate Pi Day by baking your own pie if you don’t have access to a pie bakery or food truck.  This year I’m taking a little leeway with the definition of pie.  As a person who has struggled with pies over the years, I opted to bake a crostata.  It’s basically a rustic pie so why not.

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