Black Bean and Pineapple Quinoa

I am a fan of quinoa, the rest of my family not so much. I tried coming up with ways to fix it so that the kiddos wouldn’t complain much. The way to their hearts, or stomachs as the case may be, is definitely fruit. I already planned on using some black beans I made earlier with peppers from the garden and decided pineapple was the way to go.

Quinoa is perfect for me. It is a great source of both protein and fiber. Add the black beans and I have a super fiber packed meal! Plus it is so incredibly easy to make, I am definitely thrilled about having a quick meal to fix!

The boys are not huge fans of tomatoes, but I put them in anyway. I love them and it adds to the color palette. Besides, they still need to try things even of they don’t like them! Overall it was successful, the kids only complained a little bit, mostly because they were tired and grumpy! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Black Bean and Pineapple Quinoa
1 c. quinoa
2 c. water
1 can (8.75 oz.) corn, drained
1 1/2 c. black beans
1 1/2 c. diced pineapple
1/2 c. grape tomatoes, quartered
1/4 c. red onion, chopped
3 Tbs. mint, chopped
Lemon, juice and zest
Orange, juice and zest
1/4 c. olive oil
1 Tbs. honey
3/4 tsp. cumin
Pinch of salt

Place the quinoa in a strainer and run cold water over it, this helps cut the bitter taste. Place the quinoa and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook 15-20 minutes until all liquid is absorbed. Place the cooked quinoa in a bowl and allow it to cool.

Once the quinoa is cooled add the corn, black beans, pineapple, tomato, onion and mint. Stir all together.

To make the dressing place the lemon juice and zest, orange juice and zest, olive oil, honey, cumin and salt in a jar. Shake well. Pour over the quinoa and stir. Serve at room temperature or cold.

Yields 4-6 servings

2 thoughts on “Black Bean and Pineapple Quinoa

  1. Liz

    I have eaten quinoa several times but have never cooked it. My older son loves it, so he’s the one who makes it. One day he also added some canned pineapples and beans. I love the sound of this dish and I notice you’ve added some cumin too. I have never added cumin to a salad but I love cumin and I think it must taste nice. Can I substitute this recipe with brown rice. I have a lot of brown rice that will soon go bad if I don’t take some action. Thanks for sharing and have a peaceful evening. XOXO to the kids!

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      I bet it would be great with brown rice. I love that too, unfortunately my husband likes to complain about brown rice! I like to use cumin often, the flavor is quite nice. Glad to hear you like it too. Enjoy the rest of the week. I will probably be quiet soon…we head up to Kentucky Friday for my father in law’s memorial. Will be busy packing and cleaning tomorrow. I hate to come home to a dirty house!


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