Food Blogging with Children

There will be no recipe this post. No pretty pictures. Why….well because I have three boys who are extremely ornery!

The other day I made cranberry pumpkin cream cheese muffins. The previous time I made them I slightly over baked them. This time I tweaked the recipe and was happy with the results.

I let each of the boys have a muffin for a snack after school. I had one too. I was going to photograph them later.

The kids had other plans…..Sean emptied his top dresser drawer upstairs. Pajamas, socks and underwear all over! I went up to clean the mess, he is useless at putting it away properly.

I went downstairs to find Jack and Ewan on the floor under the dining room table….eating muffins! Not only were they eating muffins I needed to photograph, they were getting crumbs all over a floor I mopped that morning! I caught them just after they started the muffins….to find out they already each shoveled one in their mouths!!!

So for snack that day they had the muffin I gave them, a cheese stick, applesauce, an apple and nearly two more muffins.

I hope to post the recipe soon, if I make them and photograph them while the boys are in school!

Here is the evidence….what is left from their second stolen muffins. If I wasn’t so upset with them I would have gotten a picture of them huddled under the table eating like animals!



3 thoughts on “Food Blogging with Children

  1. Liz

    The joys of motherhood, what a hilarious story. I can imagine how it felt after all that cooking and the looks on their little faces. Boys will always remain boys, the girl might have said “mummy said, don’t touch” but not the boy. Thank you for making me laugh. I hope one of these fine day you’ll be able to post the recipe. How did the Memorial go? Wish you a peaceful weekend.

    1. MamaD1xx4xy Post author

      Got back last night. The boys had fun with their cousins, though now they need to catch up on if that will ever happen! Hopefully I will get all settled and cooking and baking again soon. Enjoy the week!


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