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Spelt Waffles


Waffles are one of those things that are so easy to make I can’t help but wonder why anyone would ever buy store bought.  The time you put in is so minimal and yet the flavor difference between homemade and store bought is extreme.

Josh and I have had our waffle iron since we got married.  It was one of the items on our registry and let me say it gets used!  We certainly use it more now that we have three boys who are always hungry, but even when it was just us waffle breakfasts were not uncommon.

I think the thing I like most about waffles is how versatile they are.  Sure, you can go the traditional route and cover them in maple syrup.  Are you one of those people that has to have syrup in every single hole??!

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Buttermilk Biscuits


I’m not exactly sure what took so long to put up a biscuit post.  We certainly eat biscuits a few times a month.  Perhaps it took so long because they disappear very quickly!  There isn’t a spare second to photograph them before the boys have inhaled them.

Here’s a confession, I was raised in the North.  Not exactly biscuit country.  As a result I was raised on the biscuits from a tube.  You know the kind, pop the tube open and voila, you’ve got flaky biscuits. Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Granola

Chocolate Almond Granola

I know what you’re thinking, another granola recipe?! Yes, another granola recipe. What can I say, we LOVE our granola. What isn’t to love, salty, sweet, crunchy, nutty, oat goodness.

The boys have been scavenging for snacks lately and then it dawned on me. We didn’t have granola. I try to keep it around since they eat it all the time, yet somehow life got busy and we haven’t had any for a while. It was time to make a new flavor combining my beloved dark chocolate gingerbread granola and the boys’ favorite vanilla almond granola.

In our house granola is good any time of the day. It all starts at breakfast, either plain or with yogurt and fruit. Then for Sean’s second breakfast. Ya know, after big brothers have left for school and he’s hungry again before he goes to school.

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Banana Chocolate Chunk Scones

Banana Chocolate Chunk Scones

My favorite bakery up in Brevard, North Carolina has the best goodies anywhere I’ve been in the southeastern United States.  For some reason bakeries around here are just lacking or specialize in the traditional American super sweet treats like heavily frosted cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Well Bracken Mountain Bakery has excellent scones.  I’m not talking about a Starbuck’s scone that is sweet with sweet icing on top.  I’m talking a traditional scone that has a hint of sweetness.  I can’t pick a favorite flavor there since they are all so delicious, but since I had bananas in the freezer I decided it was time to attempt recreating the banana chocolate chunk scone.

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Petits Pain Au Lait

Petits Pain Au Lait

For some time I’ve enjoyed following Liz over at My Favourite Pastime.  I have made many delicious recipes from her site.  Recently she had these scrumptious looking rolls I simply had to make.  Was it the French name or how good they looked?  I’m not sure, but I’m so glad I made them!

The boys were thrilled I made them as well.  They do so love homemade breads and this was a definite winner.  What isn’t to like, a light and fluffy roll with a sprinkle of sugar in top?!

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