Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

blood orange ginger fizz

As I mentioned in my last post this is the year we are embracing citrus season. This is the first year I’ve been able to find blood oranges locally (mind you they are from California).  Sean has developed a LOVE for blood oranges, frequently I’ll peel in the morning to pack in his school lunch.

My first memories of having blood oranges were when Josh was working in Italy back when we lived in Germany in 2005.  I made the trip with him a couple times and the hotel where we stayed has fresh blood orange juice every morning for breakfast.  It was so incredibly tasty.

Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

So now that I was able to find blood oranges I’ve been going  a little crazy.  Josh and I have made all sorts of cocktails with them.  I made a  blood orange sangria when I was with my mom while Dad recovered from bypass surgery.

This might be my favorite though.  This drink truly celebrates the flavor of blood oranges.  The juice shines, the alcohol is more like an afterthought.  Sure you could make it stronger, but I just love to enjoy the fresh blood orange juice.

The blood orange juice pairs well with ginger liqueur.  If you can’t find any you could certainly use ginger simple syrup, add a little vodka or liquor of choice if you want it to pack a punch.

It’s going to be close to 80 degrees again today and I’m wishing I had one of these on the porch right about now!

Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

4 oz. freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1 oz. ginger liqueur
2 oz. Prosecco

Pour the juice in a coupe glass. Add the ginger liqueur and then top off with prosecco.

** If you want it stronger or more bubbly just use a collins glass or tall flute and add more prosecco.

Yields: 1 cocktail

10 thoughts on “Blood Orange Ginger Fizz

    1. Gretchen Post author

      I’m throwing myself into blood orange season this year! This is one of my favorite drinks with the juice, sit back, relax and sip away.

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  2. ChgoJohn

    This is a cocktail I know that I’d love and am happy to find another use for blood oranges. I’ve used the zest to make arancello and then just peeled the fruit and ate it raw. Next time, I’ll invite a few friends over for cocktails. 🙂


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