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In My Kitchen – April 2017

It was another busy month at our house so let’s just jump right in. I was home alone two weekends when the guys all went camping with the Cub Scouts. While the quiet was certainly enjoyable, all the cleaning and organizing wasn’t as fun. It needed to be done though and there was time to play as well.

One of those weekends I tackled our mountain of blood oranges. I zested most of them and made a large batch of arancello. It should be ready just in time for Mother’s Day! I then juiced the oranges and made a blood orange sangria. There was enough juice left to make some mocktails for the boys. The last of the blood oranges were made into a curd.

Blood Oranges

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In My Kitchen – January 2017

It’s a new year, wow!  Where did the time ever go?!  I look at the boys and they are getting HUGE, I know time has passed but it still surprises me sometimes.  December was a busy month as I’m sure it was for most of you.  Here’s a peek in our kitchen during that madness….

Between various holiday school parties, teacher gifts and a teacher luncheon there was a lot of action in the kitchen.  Here’s a collage  sampling of what happened in our kitchen.


The big picture is Sean and Ewan “decorating” their own pizza on a family pizza night, always a favorite dinner night!  Then from the top right around we have:  Jack decorating some World Peace Cookies from Dorie Greenspan’s Dorie’s Cookies, the decorated World Peace Cookies, a rum cake soaking in the pan overnight for a teacher holiday luncheon, Jack posing with all the teacher gifts the boys took to school and desserts for the teacher luncheon, a veggie plate for Jack’s class holiday party, Jack making eggnog and Ewan rolling gingerbread cookies in sugar.  Wow, that was all done in just two days!!

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In My Kitchen – January 2016

Not only has another month passed by, it’s a whole new year!  The time just keeps flying by.  I’m joining Maureen at Orgasmic Chef for another month of In My Kitchen.  Maureen is our new fearless leader so stop on by her site and check out all the links.

Back in early December, which seems ages ago, I had a diverticulitis flare up which meant complete exhaustion, antibiotic side effects, pain and limited diet.  Needless to say not much happened in my kitchen.  Then came the holidays and the kids were with me constantly.  Josh worked insanely long hours.  We were all exhausted.

Despite all all that madness we had the best Christmas yet.  It was quiet and relaxed.  Brunch was fantastic and dinner was superb.  I didn’t get all the baking done I wanted to, but my mental and physical health were more important as I recovered.  Maybe we’ll make our mini gingerbread houses for Valentine’s Day!

Anyway, here is what happened in my kitchen.  Let me introduce you all to my new pantry.  My best husband ever built this and we put it in the kitchen the weekend before Christmas.  This is another reason I got less baking done since I was moving everything around in the kitchen!  It was so worth it.


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