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Food Blogging with Children

There will be no recipe this post. No pretty pictures. Why….well because I have three boys who are extremely ornery!

The other day I made cranberry pumpkin cream cheese muffins. The previous time I made them I slightly over baked them. This time I tweaked the recipe and was happy with the results.

I let each of the boys have a muffin for a snack after school. I had one too. I was going to photograph them later.

The kids had other plans…..Sean emptied his top dresser drawer upstairs. Pajamas, socks and underwear all over! I went up to clean the mess, he is useless at putting it away properly.

I went downstairs to find Jack and Ewan on the floor under the dining room table….eating muffins! Not only were they eating muffins I needed to photograph, they were getting crumbs all over a floor I mopped that morning! I caught them just after they started the muffins….to find out they already each shoveled one in their mouths!!!

So for snack that day they had the muffin I gave them, a cheese stick, applesauce, an apple and nearly two more muffins.

I hope to post the recipe soon, if I make them and photograph them while the boys are in school!

Here is the evidence….what is left from their second stolen muffins. If I wasn’t so upset with them I would have gotten a picture of them huddled under the table eating like animals!