Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, are ya’ll ready?! One of my family’s traditions is a walk after dinner and dessert followed by a tea pot of hot chocolate served with Bailey’s Irish Cream. It warms the body after a cold walk. Keep in mind some years Thanksgiving is in the 70s here in South Carolina, but we walk at night so we still need to warm up because it is in the 50s or 60s by then!


This year I figured I would make something more kid friendly. This past weekend it was in the 40s and the boys played outside all day while Daddy worked on his garage and I cleaned the house. I decided to warm them up with some hot chocolate. With the “winter storm” moving across the country now this would certainly help warm you up!

I love chocolate and cinnamon together. Dark chocolate has such a rich delicious flavor. Besides, isn’t dark chocolate good for you?! I made our hot chocolate with fat free milk since the dark chocolate makes it rich, but if you like your drinks really rich by all means try it with 2% or whole milk. Two of the boys loved it, Jack not so much. I don’t think he cared for the flavor of dark chocolate, is he really my son? I hope you enjoy it as much as most of us did and Happy Thanksgiving.

Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
4 c. milk
8 oz. dark chocolate, chopped or use chips
1 tsp. cinnamon

Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat until chocolate melts. Serve with whipped cream, shaved chocolate and/or cinnamon if desired.

Yields 4 servings

14 thoughts on “Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

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  2. ChgoJohn

    This is such an easy way to make a great cup of hot chocolate. I do like that mug for serving but the photo of the chocolate smeared faces to be the Pic of the Day.
    I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  3. Liz

    What a lovely way to finish off a meal. Nothing like a hot cup of chocolate, with lots of milk and topped with some cinnamon and whipped cream. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Best wishes!


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