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Peanut Butter Apple Roll-up

Peanut Butter Apple Roll-up
All right, today’s post is not some ground breaking recipe. It is, however, a school lunch that I make the boys often and get lots of comments so I thought I would share it. It seems many people need a little school lunch pick me up and everyone likes this idea. Hmm, perhaps a school lunch box series is in my future…

Pay close attention, this is very difficult. NOT! All you need is a tortilla, regular or whole wheat, peanut butter and an apple. Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, place apple slices along the middle in a row and roll it all up.
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Grilled Cheese with White Asparagus

Grilled Chese with White Asparagus
You might think I have lost my mind, but really I haven’t. Well at least not when it comes to this sandwich! You see, there is a story behind this sandwich. It goes back to when I was a college exchange student in Austria. Actually, it may even go back to when I was an exchange student my senior year of high school in Germany. Continue reading