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Smoked Gouda Crab Mac & Cheese

I am not sure how it happened, but it seems that up until now there has been a misrepresentation of our eating habits on this blog. Our middle son, Ewan, is a mac and cheese fanatic. Yet somehow I have never posted a mac and cheese recipe, how is that possible?! Trust me, we make our share of mac and cheese in this house.

It also happens to be the case that I rarely make the same mac and cheese. I experiment with different cheeses or use all kinds of add ins. I like to toss lots of goodies into the mac and cheese so I can have a full meal in the one dish. So today I bring you a recipe for mac and cheese with crab and broccoli, in honor of Ewan, my crab loving mac and cheese boy!
Smoked Gouda Crab  Mac & Cheese
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Grilled Cheese with White Asparagus

Grilled Chese with White Asparagus
You might think I have lost my mind, but really I haven’t. Well at least not when it comes to this sandwich! You see, there is a story behind this sandwich. It goes back to when I was a college exchange student in Austria. Actually, it may even go back to when I was an exchange student my senior year of high school in Germany. Continue reading