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Dark Chocolate Pear & Toffee Truffles

Dark Chocolate Pear and Toffee Truffles
For some time now I’ve had a little shopping addiction at Whole Foods. Every time I go there I must get a bar of the pear and almond dark chocolate. It is simply my favorite flavor combination they have, not that there aren’t other good ones.

I recently got a bottle of pear liqueur just so I could make some pear and almond truffles. I was set to go, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Then I realized I used all my almonds to make the dark chocolate orange almonds. No problem, I’ll get more almonds. Oh wait, there is a problem.
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Dark Chocolate Orange Almonds

Dark Chocolate Orange Almonds
It’s Valentine’s week and that means lots of chocolate. This makes Sean very happy, my chocolate monster! We started out our chocolate adventures on the healthy side with these dark chocolate covered almonds.

Almonds are a healthy fat, dark chocolate is good for your heart. How could you possibly go wrong?! All right, portion control may be a problem for some of you so be very careful. Or just indulge, life is too short to deny yourself something you love. I will be portioning these out to Sean though or he would eat them all! Continue reading

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies

So if I put a vegetable in a cookie does it make it healthy?!? In this case, I must confess no. This is not a healthy cookie. It still contains a good amount of butter and sugar. AHH, but the sweet potato does add a smidge of nutrition, beta carotene, fiber, vitamins A and C. All right, it doesn’t add much of this to the cookie, but boy oh boy does it make a super yummy treat! Continue reading

Coconut Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday was our second snow day. Mind you the first day there was no snow, not until the kids went to bed. So after being cooped up with the kids and getting some play time out in the snow it was time to warm up the house. Most people might start a fire or turn on the fireplace, I wanted to bake cookies!
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