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Quark with Blackberries

Quark With Blackberries

Last week we shared some big news with the boys….we’re going to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  That’s right, watch out Europe, the boys are coming!  Josh took the day off work (already planned for other reasons) and he went to the German Meat Market here in town.  Among the sausages bought he also got some authentic Bavarian pretzels.  We gave the boys pretzels for their snack when they got home from school and had them make the connection to figure out where they were going.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating other German food, practicing German vocabulary and talking about travel in general.  Jack is my worrier so he wasn’t thrilled at first, fearing the plane could crash over the ocean.  After more talk about all the food they could eat he is warming up to it!

Sunday morning after having weisswurst for breakfast the guys were all outside.  Josh was working in his garage and the boys were playing in the yard.  I took advantage of the quiet and poured myself some prosecco with pear liqueur.  After all, we had breakfast and not brunch so I didn’t get my morning bubbly yet!

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Seedling Progress


This is the 6th person at my kitchen table right now!  More like the 5th and 6th person since it’s taking up more space.  Family meals have moved to the dining room full time.

Does my kitchen look cluttered, messy, disorganized?  Perhaps to the naked eye, not to me though.  I see baby seedlings ready to grow into full size plants soon and then bear fruits and vegetables all summer long.  I can’t wait!

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Strawberry Mango Mint Smoothie

Strawberry Mango Mint Smoothie
It has been another crazy week. Once spring arrives things seem to take off at a high speed. The kids went back to school Monday and I have been swamped since. This week I’ve been trying to balance the PTO checkbook and spreadsheets. I took over the treasurer position in February and still haven’t gotten it done. It isn’t exactly easy being thrown into the middle of somebody else’s system, not even my mathematics and business background helped! The end is in sight though.

I’ve also been busy planning the school spring carnival which is just around the corner. Luckily I have an awesome committee and things are coming together.
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