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Cardamom Orange Ricotta Toast with Dark Chocolate

Cardamom Orange Ricotta Toast with Dark Chocolate
The boys and I watched an episode of Giada in Italy over the weekend and were inspired. She shared a recipe for a ricotta toast her grandfather used to make her for breakfast growing up. My boys thought it looked good and immediately asked if we could make it.

Of course I wasn’t about to deny my boys a chance to experiment in the kitchen! I’ve made desserts with ricotta and put it on savory toast so the idea of a sweet ricotta toast was fun.
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Chocolate Banana Yogurt Pops

Chocolate Banana Yogurt Pops
Here in South Carolina August is pretty much the dog days of summer. It’s been hot up until now, but this is the month things really kick into high gear. As in highs in the upper 90s to low 100s with humidity to match. I vividly remember being very pregnant with Jack in August of 2007 which had 14 days of 100 degrees or hotter! Continue reading

Herb Marinated Feta

Herb Marinated Feta
Need a way to jazz up your cheese plate? Spice up your life with some marinated feta cheese! It is beyond easy and yet the resulting cheese is so full of flavor.

With our herbs finally growing well it is time to have some fun. All right, the fun may have already started with plenty of minty cocktails. Mint grows and spreads really well so we have LOTS. Add in two boys who just had to get chocolate mint plants and our herb boxes overfloweth with mint! Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana “Ice Cream”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
Hubby surprised me with a new Blendtec blender for my birthday, how exciting!  I complained recently about how our blender was not working well at all. It’s been going downhill for a while now and anytime I added frozen fruit to a yogurt smoothie for the boys it hardly moved or crushed a thing.

I wanted a Blendtec but couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a blender so I added a simpler blender to my Amazon wish list, one that had good reviews for ice crushing. Imagine my shock when I opened the Blendtec. Even more shock when I opened my gift from my sister in law and nieces, the blender I had on my list! Continue reading

Strawberry Mango Mint Smoothie

Strawberry Mango Mint Smoothie
It has been another crazy week. Once spring arrives things seem to take off at a high speed. The kids went back to school Monday and I have been swamped since. This week I’ve been trying to balance the PTO checkbook and spreadsheets. I took over the treasurer position in February and still haven’t gotten it done. It isn’t exactly easy being thrown into the middle of somebody else’s system, not even my mathematics and business background helped! The end is in sight though.

I’ve also been busy planning the school spring carnival which is just around the corner. Luckily I have an awesome committee and things are coming together.
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Dark Chocolate Orange Almonds

Dark Chocolate Orange Almonds
It’s Valentine’s week and that means lots of chocolate. This makes Sean very happy, my chocolate monster! We started out our chocolate adventures on the healthy side with these dark chocolate covered almonds.

Almonds are a healthy fat, dark chocolate is good for your heart. How could you possibly go wrong?! All right, portion control may be a problem for some of you so be very careful. Or just indulge, life is too short to deny yourself something you love. I will be portioning these out to Sean though or he would eat them all! Continue reading