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Chocolate Gingerbread Granola Orange Yogurt Parfait

Chocolate Gingerbread Granola Orange Yogurt Parfait
As a result of our scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner at The Biltmore Estate I have a new obsession, chocolate gingerbread with citrus. I had the most delicious chocolate gingerbread cake with a citrus cream sauce for dessert that day. I remember it fondly and have recreated those flavors a few times, the cake version to come soon once I make it again. Continue reading

Mango Yogurt Popsicles

Although summer break has come to and end for us, the need for summer foods is nowhere near over.  Somehow the summer passed before I even got up a popsicle post!  How did that happen?!  The boys started school Wednesday and yet it is still incredibly hot, actually the hottest yet this summer.

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Spicy Chocolate Almonds

Spicy Chocolate Almonds
Back when I first went to Germany as a 17 year old I remember having gebrannte Mandeln, cinnamon almonds, for the first time. At the time they weren’t common in the United States, these days you see them in malls, tourist sites and other places. I remember my love for them, fresh and warm wrapped in the paper cone. Cinnamon and almonds, what could be better?! Continue reading

Tropical Granola

This is one of those happy accidents. You see, I went to my pantry to get out some banana chips to make this granola, but to my shock I didn’t have any. I am not sure how that happened, I could have sworn I had some. I was just at Trader Joe’s, I would have gotten some if I knew I was out.

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Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Granola

I must warn you, this granola is seriously addictive! It all starts with an innocent hand full. And then another, and another…until you have no idea how much you have really eaten. Not that I would know from personal experience. Okay, confession time. I came home from the gym yesterday and kept nibbling while taking pictures of this granola. I did just burn over 1200 calories so it can’t be too bad can it?!

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